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Liu male fireworks the independent director draw in fight for stock equity

On the evening of December 12, Liu sun fireworks the second shareholder Kai reach the real estate development’s limited company produced toward the reporter of this report of copy a piece, and on these grounds think is the Liu sun of the vice-president of school of the tech university in Peking fireworks independent board director Mr. Ping Chang Gen and company and it controls a shareholder to exist to hinder the relation that it carries on independence objective judgment, disobeying the certificate Jian will distribute of of principle.But reach in the afternoon of December 11 熆 the companies handed in to the Liu sun fireworks board of directors, and suggest to now convene temporary shareholders’ meeting to proceed to a vote.Its reason is:Ping Chang Gen under the influence of company big shareholder Liu department of finance in sun City bigger, its job behavior has already canned not represent a company whole benefits, particularly can not represent medium small the legal rights of shareholder, and have never exerted the independent board director should have of trustworthiness and earnest of obligation.The Kai reaches companies to declare:Our purposes cherish for causing the value of the listed company independent board director oneself’s reputation, implement own job.Obviously the 煱 ornamental Pao Mao calcium Jiao protects Bi Long from the Zhong the Bo trample Jean sun fireworks the board of directors is two seven meetings.Here will ascend 熢 Hui to dig sun fireworks the board director, Gao Guan’s personnel appointment and dismiss and procure Guangzhou to climb up to 4 independent board directors of熶 sun fireworks in the series proposals like international group,etc in the 熞 Huang send to read a Si department negative vote, 2 people announced part objection opinion, only one Ping Chang Gen threw to completely agree with a ticket. the Kai reach the president of the company happy root become call, Liu sun fireworks on November 12 notify to convene a board of directors, but would not° until 23:00 on November 21 provide meeting related data to the board director, but the second day hold a meeting a vote, Ping Chang Gen under the circumstance that don’t be to the related data carry on hard understanding and overall system analyze in a hurry declare, but it announces of independent board director opinion and great shareholder opinion astonishing consistent 熡 Xing Ф the lazy ⒍ matter should have of objective and fair position.Such as at finance director general candidate’s problem, 3 other only Tung all hope occupation agent, original the finance director general’s first light of day continue to continue in office, but only stand on the position of big shareholder and threw down 1 of key, cause finance director general of company’s lacking, the company finance manages to exist bigger risk concealed suffer from.Happy root become still with March 15, 2003 sign of is certificate, think Ping Chang Gen the place unit Peking tech university and Liu sun fireworks existence benefits relation, query its independent board director’s qualifications further.The agreement states clearly in writing, both parties cooperate to establish the Liu sun science and technology development center in fireworks Peking tech university, the Liu sun fireworks provides development center to circulate expenses everyday and is responsible for the research budget that provides to formally sign a cooperation research topic, and press the contract request to pay in time.Ping Chang Gen at accept a medium telephone interview call:Liu sun the fireworks is very complex, I didn’t relate to and also had no idea with them.The independent board director sinks into the whirlpool of fight for ownership of a share, the medium small shareholder requests to recall an independent board director, and this is in really rare in the stock market.The item Chuang practises fencing, the idea is male in the Pei.Happy root become not Hui speech, this time one shot that take an independent board director to say a matter, is an anti- Ge, the sword points the temporary shareholders’ meeting that will convene on December 29, arrestment climb to reach president Zhao Wei Ping of the company to go into lord Liu sun fireworks.Is happy root become think, the relevant proposal of board of directors sees is Liu sun from the surface on November 22 the fireworks procure Guangzhou to climb to reach to have something to do with smoke peanut producing management of property, but substantial is Zhao Wei Ping to have condition to procure Liu sun fireworks.Of the Zhao Wei Liu sun fireworks in Ping-ho existence same profession competition problem, the same profession competed, even if Zhao Wei Ping escaped from Guangzhou to climb to reach of the risk still keep existing.According to reveal, enjoy a root to become to be juxtaposed the consociation company the second the legal person that the shareholder gathers source science and technology representative Yin medium and the third shareholder Wei Xiang Lu the shareholders’ meeting on December 29 hurl negative vote.But this 3 hold a total to only have 24.17%, obviously hard and hold 44.19%ly control a shareholder to mutually match.The fight for ownership of a share of Liu sun fireworks how quell, make person’s attention.?

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