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Egypt’s Morsi affirms he isn’t biased against any group

CAIRO, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) — Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi said Friday that he doesn’t align with a side against other one, even the opposition.

Morsi made his statement in a speech before the Presidential palace al-Ethadeya, where tens of thousands of Egyptians rally to support Morsi’s new constitutional declaration issued Thursday.

"ALL my decisions are for the sake of the state’s interests, and I never mean to align with a specific side against other one", Morsi said.

The new constitutional declaration ruled that all laws, decrees and constitutional declarations issued by the president are final and unchallengeable by any body, while it will not lead to reinstate the People’s Assembly.

Meanwhile ,thousands of Egyptian protestors flood to Cairo’s center Tahrir square Friday to take part in demonstrations rejecting the new constitutional declaration in a rally dubbed the rally of "anger and warning".

"I’m not against the opposition and I want to tell them that all my decisions are for the sake of our homeland and the revolution," Morsi said while addressing the protestors in Tahrir Square.

President Morsi also decided Thursday to sack the Prosecutor General Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud and to appoint Talat Ibrahim Abdullah as the new prosecutor general.

"My decision isn’t to revenge any one, but there are steps on the reform way", Morsi said.

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