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The treasure steel power certificate rise 83.58% Gao Diao be unveiled organization to still cherish to sell currently

Yesterday, the treasure steel power certificate Gao Diao was unveiled.On that day, the treasure steel power certificate with 1.263 dollars rise to stop price Gao Kai, henceforth and almost have been sealing in this position, and keep this price to the closing price.With 0.the reference basis price of 688 dollars compare, the treasure steel power certificate becomes available in the market a day rise attain 83.58%, clinch a deal about 1.7,600,000,000 dollars.The price deviates value to face this, several organizations mean, the treasure steel power certificate price has already completely deviated to be worth of noodles.According to receiving card Luo especially or deeply hand over a power certificate calculator to measure the power certificate price of calculating as about 0.68 dollars, list price in the market has already outrun this price near 90%.The price of 1.26 dollars makes the risk have already far been far larger than income.Country believes the new dollar of analyst Ge of financial engineering of stock certificate to say, the power certificate’s price descends to settle of treasure steel share of implicit undulate to 58.6%, is the treasure steel share history of 2 times that of motion rate, existence obviously overestimate.The supervisor of Deutsche bank some investment AN also calls that though QFII invests interest to the A stock market field power certificate strong, the treasure steel power certificate the price have already seriously overestimated.Brighten the amount of stock certificates strategy analyst, Yang Jian Po, think, the power certificate price has already consumedly exceeded it on a little bit current reasonable estimate a value;What to can judge BE, there are funds hoping to continue to be Gao Quan Zheng’s price, and threw accrual before the power certificate expires, its behavior characteristic was like a short-term game more.Don’t expel a power certificate the price soar further, but along with the further heating up of the price, the pressure returning to adjust will enlarge.State international strategy of silver analyst, Shi Heng, lately calls, the treasure steel power certificate goodly makes money the effect will make archduke’s taking charge of would like to even adopt in the middle of paying to the price in the future the power certificate pays of form, and the increasing of power certificate supply can even push a power certificate as well the list price resume original appearance.Organization still cherishes to sell to know what happened a personage to reveal currently, the mainly holding of the treasure steel power certificate organization is rising to stop a price not to be eager to making a profit to bowl out, but more adopt to hesitate a situation.Closed up to yesterday, the treasure steel power certificate clinched a deal up to 176,000,000 dollars and changed only 36% of hand rate, was more opposite than a new 60% 70%ly change a hand rate obviously low.Currently, the selling square of the treasure steel power certificate is mainly fund and QFII, fund two quarter, disclose in the degree report of ex- ten greatly heavy Cang statisticses suggests, up to June 30, the fund holds of treasure steel the share totally has 44.52% that it circulates.This also means that the fund is in the treasure steel power certificate in the early years held amount of Cang will have to 44.52%.And the industry insider judge, the buying square is mainly a risk hobby type funds, the type of funds are to guide an investment according to the value, this also makes the treasure steel power certificate will present severity to deviate a worthy trend in the short date.Hold a cherishing of to sell to the organizations like fund,etc, Shi Heng lately thinks, this embodied the treasure steel power certificate for a year or soly to anticipate a rising an option function over a long period of time obvious.Yang Jian Po’s analysis says that the trend of the treasure steel share stock isn’t strong, explains that the market doesn’t have big change to the viewpoint of treasure steel basic situation;But power certificate price consumedly over theory calculation price, currently in 1.26 dollars, allusion the proper price price of the due date object stock is 5.76 dollars, be located in to estimate value of medium carry;Buying dish is high, show that parts of market funds short dates continue to do many power certificates price.In consideration of the organization holds about 70% of the power total amount of certificates, but currently the changing of power certificate hand rate invite in 1/3, explain various funds currently the price is different to viewpoint in empress City of power certificate.Win small investor to hesitate to live apart power certificate for 9 years heavy river’s lake, win small investor to how does this treat?The reporter went and saw a few stock certificate business departments of Shenzhen yesterday and saw business departments all paste up a power certificate in the refreshing position the risk announced to public a book and reminded the public notice going through the formalities to counter investor.The staff member of wide hair stock certificate colourful farmland road business department in Shenzhen to that the reporter produced its customer signs of the risk announce to public a book and has already had more than 20 investors and on the spot carried out for a morning, the staff member means to pass a net currently the data that the top bargain system and telephone entrusts and carries out can not also statistics.But the staff member of road business department in square positive blessing in stock certificate Shenzhen said, they have already hold customer’s data of treasure steel share to adjust last Friday and got a notice, they noticed power certificate bargain, up to have more than ten investors to consult power certificate knowledge to them currently.Another senior coupon company in Shenzhen said that all of many of their customers are an age the old is at more than 10 yearses people, have some an impression to the power certificate, come out again to this time power certificate also more aggressive.However is total but talk, in the great majority small investor to power certificate knowledge still know only superficially, widespreadly hold the attitude for hesitating.A Mr. Li who holds thousand several treasure steel shares tells a reporter, he acquires 100 several power certificates because the treasure steel share changes, just to power certificate comparison concern.The fierce performance that becomes available in the market for a day to the treasure steel power certificate, he means to continue to hesitate, chooses machine to sell and has never considered expiring a line of right.

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