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Bottom omen beginning now new fund facial expression or so big dish situation

The market is overcast to remain recently, although has small and medium enterprises tectonic plate concept often gush,two city stock indices is still desire top not get, tired under the desire.The turnover extremely atrophies to also display a market to hesitate atmosphere currently thick heavy.From beat Hu City at the beginning of April back to adjust, the Hu Zong points already from 1783:00 drop into currently 1430:00 neighborhood, the absolute fall attains 20%, period none time elephant kind rebound.Because the Wa Wa of small and medium enterprises tectonic plate falls to the ground, the market’s expectation toward bottom is strengthening.Bottom omen beginning now although still can not make sure that the bottom has been already formed,sees from the various circumstance currently, stock index’s being apart from bottom has been more and more near.First, the mindset characteristic of market is approaching bottom.Well to the benefit stimulate have been benumbed, then are like birds atartled by the mere twang of a bow to the benefit empty rumours, this is the market to show one of the characteristic of Zhao recently.The agency protects fund enlargement to go into city scale, business enterprise annuity to quietly let go etc. benefit good policy recently continuously set, but the market nowise appreciates favors given.Is contrary, the some benefits of minutenesses empty affairs can still form mortal blow to the stock index.Various above-mentioned mindsets are perhaps falling a mindset to agree without previous consultation with bottom district.Secondly, market’s investing value is strengthened in the slump.According to the statistics, when the Hu Zong points at 1411:00, Hu deep power stock price average of adding of 2 for 6.54 dollars, already low the stock price average of 6.56 dollars during 1307:00 of last year.The stock index time adjusts up to now, regardless is macro view adjust to control, coupon company’s crisis, is still that the listed company manage problem or the small and medium enterprises tectonic plate impact, risk and dismay contained should have already welled get to release, the big dish gets into bottom district should be not far.The new fund is only with the field currently inside the or so situation of saving and measuring it is can hardly for funds to launch an emollient condition of the market, therefore, strength for city for into and direction that add funds will directly decide that the strong or weak of city market are behind.From add funds probably a few source analysis, the new fund will be a doing of most is much strength.In addition to five opens type funds that are selling, south, silver China, and China…etc. several fund management company underneathly the open type fund have already continuously acquired an approval, is just preparing to choose machine issue.In the near future Bo the 4th and country Tai gold fund horse’s etc. also announce to formally establish.These fresh bloods that will become a market.Then should not lead Gao to old fund, coupon company, civil expectation of organization etc. other essential funds.First, dish characteristic in the near future suggest, old fund adjustment’s holding strength for Cang has never had already eased an evidence.Old fund the point still dare to dump a stock currently, it is thus clear that it adjusts Cang the not yet finished is still.Previously, the main task of old fund still will sell a stock and obtain funds.Secondly, coupon company because of know to all of reason, influence in the market already greatly not equal to front.After several coupon companies sink into national debt time to buy a crisis, the coupon company’s whole real strenght still continues to descend.As for civil organization, because of it proper dispersion, depend on it prosperous the dish noodles hope that it becomes saving a city lord to then have unwillingness fair.The new fund goes into city careful according to contract of limit, the new fund should be starting to establish to set up Cang to complete in 3 months.In consideration of new fund and the processes, such as research and investment decision…etc. of the old fund and the likeness of the platform, the new fund is basic to be not likely to accept an old fund to just throw the stock of .According to recently several speeches of the fund manager’s the publics, the new fund chooses a direction still will with the value discover for lord, but will get around is tightenned by macro view to influence serious profession, the consumption is a little bit easily subjected to favor.So, the going into of new fund city treads son actually have much big?The label leads from the new that is recently to become available in the market up, can mostly measure the stage Cang circumstance of new fund on the whole:13,000,000,000 sea rich the income fund give or get an electric shock in the Chen international up get to go together with 106,000, hold on March 23 of city value is 1,436,000,000 dollars, the Cang is 11.05%.12,100,000,000 of medium believe the classic allocation fund announces to be unveiled in the book in the becoming available in the market of expensive rope share, it holds on April 19 of stock City be worth to about 1,200,000,000 dollars, the Cang is 9.92%.8,324,000,000 virtuous prosperous small dish funds get to go together with in opening Luan share 253,000, hold 1,665,000,000 city values on May 13, the Cang is 20.00%.Though many fund Cang is lighter,become available in the market for two weeks of new in the middle of the country hurl Lu, grow plentiful car, text mountain electric power in all didn’t see the figure of above-mentioned new fund, because of from public the information can the sample acquiring is too little, so the Cang of three above-mentioned funds reckons just reflect a then fund Cang circumstance, should have certain discrepancy with the actual Cang of three funds recently.Some new fund fund manager told a reporter yesterday, 80 remainings taken charge of by him were hundred million funds, established over two months a Cang already 30%.Being comprehensive is above analytical, can break to settle, the new fund currently sets up Cang still more careful.

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