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Bull market:The potent medicine bottom necessarily has secret worry

The reserve rate raises a percentage point and estimates according to the latest bank deposit data, this time raise can a time of freeze 400,000,000,000 dollars or so funds.The foreign exchange storage once increased the currency bringing quickly to throw in an excessive phenomenon impossibly to solve in the short period, the next stage central bank also matched use to raise to deposit a reserve rate, issue the central bank note and national debt is returning to buy etc. means recall mobility, adjust to control letter to lend to throw in with the reasonable, exaltation macro view adjust to control effect, multiple sex policy currency policy of retrenchment, therefore, can grow a cow to have to the bull market what time secret worry.The central bank raises to deposit reserve to lead a percentage point opens Zha to the 14.5% new fund+QFII greatly expand a soldier to increase to measure a funds front line to save a field three greatest benefits to gobble up empty Hu City of benefit to clinch a deal so much 100,000,000,000 recover 5100 resources prices and raise and expect that stimulating supply water to be provided for spirit tectonic plate to walk is strong this the currency appreciation urges an aviation tectonic plate to collectively break out water skin:The reserve rate raises 1% to soar to have no burden flower glory:The reserve rate raises great strength for rebound for dish for 1% to weaken national capital stock certificate Li Xue Feng:The reserve rate raises the downstream profession to be subjected to benefit& nbsbsp;The Rui letter invests Li Zhen rather:Rise after reserve rate influence the stock market not greatly in November, 2007 A the single month fall that experienced ten biggest next years, Chinese economy will also face ten next year’s serverest macro views to adjust to control.The central economic working conference that just ended, it is from the tight monetary policy to put forward to keep economy from leading heat to defend inflation policy, and declare for the first time in a decade implementation.Acts in cooperation with this, central bank after this year nine times raises reserve to lead 0.5%, last weekend with rarely raised reserve to lead 1%, made to deposit a reserve rate to attain 14.5% unprecedented heights.The serverest macro view adjusts to control, from the tight monetary policy, mean to the bull market what?The old people all know, the first A bull market and the first China real estate bull market of 1993 year-end knot short lifes of is exactly these two greatest cutthroats.It hugely kills to harm dint, in addition to the serverest macro view adjusts to control to inhibit the listed company accomplishment to increase and mainly come from strict control to lend money scale with significant add an interest.And don’t say that the company’s funds chain that was strict to control to lend money scale to cut off a real estate development at that time leaves many lousy tail buildings, say at that time for running to win to be up to 10% several inflation rates, expected deposit rate to add to above 10% for a year still not enough, expected to above deposit for three years still another added to protect a value to subsidize a rate.When the common people can be resisted inflation with bank deposit national debt calm insurance ground, who also buy the stock of high risk?Therefore, judgment A bull market 9 see the important index sign of the crest in middle BE, expects for a year whether the deposit rate catches up even exceed CPI.The expert predicts that may add an interest five times in the coming one year, order range to account by every time 27 radicleses, expecting deposit rate may reach to 5% for the second half of 2008 a year, then may exceed CPI.If is such, this will be a worth the market highly watch out for of signal.At present much empty both parties concerning bull market to where go to of issue gradually white-knuckle.Hinterland organization to the trend in 2008 widespreadly hold careful and optimistic attitude, conservative of see 6000,7000, optimistic of see 8000, even 10000.But the offshore organization widespreadly entertain pessimistic an attitude, high prosperous think in 2008 invest an A will be negative income, the big Mo thinks to steep 沬 to break.But the net survey aiming at three grounds of 1515 people in Peking, Shanghai and Guangzhou suggest, 41.7% people think to be not the bull market any more next year, the bull market has already arrived a crest.The viewpoint of first observation BE, in consideration of 11 fall by the end of the month 4778 policy noodles the genial breezes repeatedly blow, particularly was a national outside tube bureau to declare on last weekend that the QFII limit increases to USD 30,000,000,000 from USD 10,000,000,000 intentionally, to blunt the central bank raise reserve to lead the benefit of 1% empty, walk to this week one market steady have an important function.But on Monday market because of field the foreign capital gold actively go into city to clinch a deal for day amount of money the first time stand over a month at 100,000,000,000 on attain 110,000,000,000, for at 47785000 constructed to provide importance to prop up in the class bottom.Consequently if have never come from the market anticipates of the benefit vacate Taiwan, valid for future half year broke through 4778 of all lead have been very small. 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