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The sale competes bicycle profits to straightly descend 40% car maker of last year deficiency

The sale competition plays more more strong bicycle profits to straightly descend recently, the Chinese car industrial association announced 2006 the car profession total amount of profitses, was up to the astonishing profits of CNY 76,800,000,000 to increase 50% a little bit in 2005, but the dealer who loss in business seriously in 2006 exceeds totals amount of 40%.The dealers think, if this circumstance keep on having been keeping on, will definitely cause total Ru of total glory of manufacturer and dealer.The benefits allotment of the manufacturer of the car maker is out of balance in 2006 with the car business enterprise for multiply by to say to is really worth happy, the statistics data of car industrial association expresses, the whole country multiplies by to sell a total amount with the car over 5,000,000, but numerous stations is selling the dealer of forefront face a huge deficiency problem.Really have already earned the many in the national car dealer in 2006, but see for whole circumstance in the market, 1/3 earnings, 1/3 loss in business and also has 1/3 to prop up at the bitterness bitterness.Asian Games village trades general manager Su Hui in the market to say while accepting reporter’s interview, in fact, I predict that the circumstance of deficiency is still probably more serious, anticipates to have 40% many stores face serious management condition.And even if lucky crush into to earn money of the 1/3 row or column, the earnings gains to can not compare with early times, either.Reporter a famous brand 4 S saw while covering inside the store in Peking, 2-3:00 p.m. on Sunday of in a hour time, although have more than 20 persons to see a car, and also really sell 2, but the general manager of the store tells a reporter, they in time this hour Zheng 3000 dollars.If fore two years, our earningses will be 14,000 dollars.Store with distribution of the present condition compare, the manufacturer kept quite good profit margin last year.Although lowers and causes bicycle profits’ descending along with the price for the last few years,produces the cost that the business enterprise also consumedly lowered an oneself while extending yield.The competition is excesssive of the double blade effect present to unite a car according to the China industry and business a dealer board of trade statistics of data, up to October, last year, the whole country has the 4 S the stores to reach to 10,000 more.But till this year, greatly parts of car business enterprises still continue is extending dealer’s troops:Is wide this this year’s plan is 3504 Ss store, a vapor Toyota the 4 S last year the store is already 266, Peking the 24 per vapor Toyota store have already opened in January, this year as well.Chang-an the Ford distribution store owns 1624 Ss currently store, amount still at continuously growth.The dealer quickly extends to make parts of business enterprises appear to eat a not satisfied circumstance seriously.Originally a task of store is 1500, have already reduced into now 1000, the reason have 3 together the 4 S of the brand store and then start practice in the same region.In fact, Peking now the automotive sale net order excess already, a 4 S that conducts low file brand store at least would not° until sell 1500 cars above scale maintain don’t loss in business for a year, medium the file brand 4 S store probably at 1000, the upscale brand is in 500-600.Su Hui says that see by the circumstance of a lot of 4 S in Peking store in nowadays, basically could not reach this number, basic belong to maintenance of status.In the another province City, I once saw many 4 Ss a store have already closed the door to close down.Is analytical personage point out, two years, the dealer is multifarious to close down is optimistic to the blindness of car City with factory house relevant.Blindness in the factory house raises a production & sales target and tries very hard to transfer the stock pressure to the dealer and cause be pressed by the stock breathe heavily however the dealer annoying for returning a mutual of funds multifarious reduce price, have no the competition of preface make the dealer finally head for zero profitses to sell a car, until go bankrupt.Store calls that the deficiency certanly will influence a factory house, we are cars manufacturer the first consumer, the manufacturer is to sell to a car first we, then is again sold to a consumer by us, if we can not make money, old deficiency, that certanly will give the consumer’s service will greatly give discount.If this is a Nanking thin second especially of dealer say while accepting reporter’s interview, factory house and dealer can enter to back together, the Yao totally wins, and the Yao totally loses.Because the profits seriously descends, Peking some car brand the dealer have already spread and lowered standard rumours on service, we have no superfluous money supplies warm air in winter, also have no more profitses let our time in the cloudy day turn on all lights, our employee’s wages is basic to guarantee, but New Year’s Day of the double income affirmed to steep soup this year, be because we didn’t earn money last year.The sale personnel of this brand 4 S store tells a reporter, our Kui becomes so, the manufacturer finally will have shameful day as well.Sees while saying for the sake of own existence, the factory house continuously adds a task for dealer, a lot of dealers get this year of the task almost turn over a time, but they all clear, along with the descending of price, really probably follow to sell more and luckily more many situations.This year and next, fore there is Gao Qiang Ji Shi, there is factory house behind urging a war, oneself food the road be broken of trap a bureau in, in addition to for number is notter much quick than market trend and in advance reform by one’s own of dealer, majority of operators then such as autumnal winds later on of chrysanthemum, wretched wither have been irretrievable.And the manufacturer will also tread like the most important adjustment year.

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